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Best Critlock Sniper/ better gears posted in Sniper Hi Guys I would like to ask you guys for tips/information on what are the best gears for a crit lock sniper which is good for pvp/woe here are my gears Upper Drooping Amistr planning to upgrade to red beret for slots Middle Large red wing with Maya Purple card Lower Black bag no idea whats the bsst lower headgear for critlock .

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RebirthRO. Server. Loki. Guild. Loki/78476. Character Card. Loki/2585526. Recent Profile Visitors . Amistr Hat or Amistr Beret 4kiki Mid Tident/any 30all wings .

Quest Items iRO Wiki

Quest Item List. This page lists items that are somehow even remotely useful in the game and should not always be sold to NPCs.. This list of items is up to date as of 01/26/2018 Currently updating 07/30/2020 Item Amistr Beret 1

Amistr Beret 1 Atk 10 and Matk 10 per 2 refine rate. If refine rate is 7 or higher reduce variable casting time by 10. If refine rate is 9 or higher increase neutral and holy property magic damage by 10. If refine rate is 11 or higher Matk 3 Atk 5. Each refine rate above 10 will reduce fixed casting time by 0.1 second up to .

Melanis Ragnarok39s Guides Revival RO Ragnarok Online .

Hat Amistr Hat / Amistr Beret Mid Poring Party / any mid Weapons Goblin Revolver39s Thana/Dracula Shoes any shoes with OKC/arcendant orc card/Kiel Garment GDS marse Lower Any 15 or red tie/black tie Leaf Cat Accessory 2recon ring Implosion use water element weapon/ammo basically people use alt clown for bragi and lure

SgtFABLE THREAD amp FABLE ROD Page 2 Loki Trading Post .

Page 2 of 3 SgtFABLE THREAD amp FABLE ROD posted in Loki Trading Post sugz i have nothing against u bro i have something against ur prices im not arrogant im just giving da market da alternative which is better dictating overpriced prices and joining movements to lower creds price is not really dat good ur saying in ur movement to lower cred prices yet u overprice stuff like this come .

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Amistr39s Beret Divinity Helm Divinity Wings Avian Farmers Woodland Topper 2018 Amberknight Items Only until we release 2019 new items Costume Time Decor Mid Costume Clockwork Hat Upper Costume Giant Cat Bag Garment Coin Shower Taini Egg Heroic Permafrost Wings Outburst Fulmination Cursed Ghost Claw Forbidding Reaper Spirit

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1 Normal Equipment Sets 2 Custom Equipment Sets. 2.1 2010 Christmas Event Set 2.2 Alligator Leather Set Loki 2.3 Baby Set 2.4 Bio Lab Equip Set 2.5 Bonded Leather Set Loki 2.6 Cashmere Set Loki

Drooping Amistr Quest RebirthRO Wiki

Complete this quest and you will receive a Drooping Amistr. Prerequisites. None Other. See Zosimos for information on how to obtain an Amistr39s Eye. Check the List of Vendors and see which Chef Assistant sells Bag of Grain. This item is account bound.

Best Gear for Sniper Sniper RebirthRO Forums

Best Gear for Sniper posted in Sniper Hello Guys My Character is lvl 255 Sniper. I am currently wearing this equips Dropping Amistr. Planning to have Baphohorn 4 Diamond Dust 3x D. Pinguila Card 7 Pragmantis Mail Porcelio Card Planning to put Grand Ghostring 7 GB Hydra Inca 7 GDS Dragon Tail Any good card here or deviling but will received high damage on Magical .

Hoy Rebirth.RO

afaik Alvilda is immune to magic. I use a gunslinger. Just stack as much damage as possible. orc combo for other mobs baphie/thanatos for alvilda. spam desperado. use amistr beret or drooping amistr for lifesteal. treasureberry when you run out of SP. or spdrain5

Playing a High Wizard Build amp Leveling Guide RO Guides .

A Feather Beret or Drooping Kitty or Friggs Circlet. Purple SunglassesOptional But Reduces blind chance or Alarm Mask . Gangster Mask Silk Robe 8 With Marc Card / Silk Robe 7 with Swordfish Card / Silk Robe 7 with Pasana Card/ Silk Robe 7 with Dokebi.

Donor Box 2018 Cashshop News Revival RO Ragnarok Online .

RebirthRO Max Level Bubble Gum Box Transgenderer VIP Subscription 30 days Random Permanent Donation from Below Improved Diamond Dust Falling Snow2014 Gentle Snow Wings Sparkly Winter Scarf2014 Heavenly Ribbon Heaven39s Glow Amistr39s Beret Fabled Sword Valhalla39s Glory Spectre Cape Striped Candy Cane Amistr Ears Divinity Helm Divinity Wings

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RebirthRO. Server. Loki. Guild. Loki/0. Character Card. Loki/2740781. Recent Profile Visitors The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other .

Loki Premium Items RevivalRO Wiki

Amistr Beret Amistr Ears Amon Ra Card 45503 Analyzing Eye Angel Mini Silk Hat Angel of Kindness Angel of Love Angel Wing 4 Angel Wing V2 4 Angel39s French Kiss 4 Angeling Card 45501 Angra Manyu Arch Bishop Clothes Archangel Ring Archangel Wing Archangeling Card 45539 Arctic Wing 4 Artic Wings 4 Assassin Cross Card .

Farming Gears for melanis General Rebirth.RO

Hat Amistr Hat/Amistr Beret4Exp amistr Mid Fabled sword/any mid 4exp amistr Lower Any15 or red tieorc hero Shoes Bronze GreavesOKC/IBPC card Garment GDS Deviling Accessory 2Magingiordes Tips u need 610 hits use alt champs to lure mobs champ must immune neutral with shadow armor

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Page 1 of 5 Guide To Guides posted in Loki Guides There are many guides in our guide39s section and throughout the internet so here is a compiled list of the guides categorized for your sole convenience. Enjoy Advanced thank you to every single person who makes a guide on these forums they are always appreciated and you deserve a prize for your hardwork although we won39t provide these .

Custom Quests RevivalRO Wiki

Overview. This is a simple list of all the custom quests available on RevivalRO. There are many more quests available but on this page you will only see things that are custom to RevivalRO which means you will not find them on other servers.

Amistr Beret RebirthRO Wiki

Item Description. No guarantees that no Amistrs were not harmed in the making of this product. 10 Chance to recover 15 of the damage you do as HP when attacking. 45 damage to all races Does not affect players.

Rebirth RO RDC Taste The Rainbow YouTube

Music Cryptex39s Remix of quotDrive it Like You Stole it by The Glitch Mobquot If you wanna solo the quest With one Sniper and is able to do so heres the link t.

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