i m bulletproof dont fuck with me


The Box lyrics by Roddy Ricch 1 meaning. The Box explained .

Chorus Pullin39 out the coupe at the lot Told 39em fuck 12 fuck swat Bustin39 all the bales out the box I just hit a lick with the box Had to put the stick in a box mmh Pour up the whole damn seal I39ma get lazy I got the mojo deals we been trappin39 like the 3980s She sucked a nigga soul got the Cash App Told 39em wipe a nigga nose say slatt slatt I won39t never sell my soul and I can back .

30 Best Scarface Quotes By Tony Montana Quote Ambition

But thats history. Im here hes not. Do you wanna go on with me you say it. You dont then you make a move. Tony Montana. 14. Why dont you try sticking your head up your ass See if it fits. Tony Montana. 15. Go ahead I take your fucking bullets You think you kill me with bullets I take your fucking .

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Come on let39s picture the possibility Giving me charges lawyers making a grip I told the judge I was raised wrong and that39s why I blaze shit Was hyper as a kid cold as a teenager On my mobile calling big shots on the scene major Packing hundreds in my drawers fuck the law Bitches I fuck with a passion I39m living rough and raw Catching .

Skull Fuck Before You Judge Me Please Understand That I Dont .

That said I39ve got to have a Skull Fuck Before You Judge Me Please Understand That I Dont Give A Fuck What You Think Shirt.

Best Kenny Powers Quotes From 39Eastbound amp Down39 Thrillist

You tell me why I need strength training when I39m strong enough to throw a goddamn 100mileperhour pitch. Fuck that. quotSee in life when you have talent all the other shit doesn39t matter.

Blac Youngsta BulletProof Lyrics AZLyrics.com

Don39t be running up tryna play with me cause yo mamma gon39 need flowers When I go to court I39m taking my bible All these fuck niggas sour I got more bitches than Austin Powers Bullet proof let me tell the truth Bullet proof let me talk to you You think I39m lying then you can look that shit up I bet they said that 100 Shots got me picked up

Young Dolph So Fuck 39Em Lyrics Genius Lyrics

So Fuck 39Em Lyrics Me and my lil39 bitch just fucked another bitch what Huh / Me and my niggas just hit another lick another lick / I39m with the same gang that I started with gang gang / It39s

Bro youve posted your dog on your story. Fuck me if I39m .

Bro youve posted your dog on your story 3 times this week I dont think shes gonna swipe up king. . See more of Fuck me if I39m wrong on Facebook. Log In. or.

Drake All Me Lyrics Genius Lyrics

All Me Lyrics I39m really stepping up my game / These bitches gotta start paying me for this / Can39t get no more free Randy / Got everything I got everything / I cannot complain I cannot / I

Young Dolph built his career on risks. Before a recent .

Here it is in continuous order 100 Shots/In Charlotte/But Im Bulletproof/So Fuckem/Thats How I Feel/All of Them/Im So Real/I Pray For My Enemies/Im Everything You Wanna Be/SMH .

20 of the Best Lyrics From Young Dolph39s 39Bulletproof .

quotBut I39m Bulletproofquot quotHalf a mil on me right now and two hunnid of it on my wrist/You go hard in that trap lil39 nigga you can shine like this/Bad bitches on my guest list fuck niggas on my hit .

David Guetta Titanium Lyrics AZLyrics.com

I39m criticized but all your bullets ricochet Shoot me down but I get up I39m bulletproof nothing to lose Fire away fire away Ricochet you take your aim Fire away fire away You shoot me down but I won39t fall I am titanium You shoot me down but I won39t fall I am titanium Cut me down but it39s you who39ll have further to fall Ghost town and .

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie I39m The One Lyrics amp traduction

I39m on bad time Yeah yeah I39m on bad time Let39s go I39m on bad time Yeah I39m on bad time Yeah uh I had to spend bags just to finish the job The job Niggas thought they could finish the Don I39m wakin39 39em up go and hit the alarm Hit the alarm Yeah you know the type of shit that I39m on I gotta eat bitch I got a disorder

Roddy Ricch The Box Lyrics MetroLyrics

I39m a 2020 president candidate. I done put a hunnid bands on Zimmerman shit I been movin39 real gangsta39 so that39s why she pick a cryp Shawty call me Crisco 39cause I pop my shit Got it out the mud there39s nothin39 you can tell me yeah When I had the drugs I was streetwealthy. Pullin39 out the coupe out the 39lot Told 39em quotFuck 12 fuck SWATquot

FBG Duck Slide Lyrics Genius Lyrics

Slide Lyrics Yeah you know lately fuck all that shit / We been on a whole gang shit you know never lane switch / That39s how I39m comin39 / Gang gang since potty train all that shit / Oh this

Lil Wayne John Lyrics MetroLyrics

I got that Esther bitch I39m red fox Big bee39s Red Sox I get money to kill time dead clocks Your fucking with a nigga who don39t give a fuck Empty the clip than roll a window up Pussy niggas sweet you niggas Cinnabon I39m in a red bitch she said she finna cum 200 thou on a chain I don39t need a piece That banana clip let chiquita speak

YG Says Police Raided His House and Drew Guns on His Children .

quotThey go up in the room and they got the big AKs all in my little kids face like 39Dont move39quot he recounts. quotI39m like bro 39What the fuck is yall doing Yall got me fucked up39 They .

My Girlfriend Broke Up With Me What Should I Do NOW

Eventually the reasons why my girlfriend broke up with me will come up in conversation. When it does you dont have to avoid the subject but rather start offering the solutions youve come up with. And remember its important to take things slow and allow her space to breathe so avoid blowing up her phone even now.

Young Dolph 100 Shots Lyrics Genius Lyrics

100 Shots Lyrics Yeah it39s Dolph / Hey bring me some Backwoods up outta there homie and a cup of ice / And some rubber bands up outta there too homie yeah / It39s 3 PM 80 degrees outside / I39m

Young Dolph SMH Lyrics AZLyrics.com

If a nigga don39t work then he don39t get paid So why the fuck is you mad When I was fucked up you didn39t fuck with me So why the fuck is you mad Why the fuck is you mad Huh why the fuck is you mad Dolph just pulled up in the hood again with some new paper tags Got your girl in the passenger seat she agreed to a one night stand Don39t talk .

50 Cent Heat Lyrics MetroLyrics

Naw I don39t want that shit I don39t give a fuck I don39t play dat shit And I39m fin39nin39 to buss a cap in a nigga Man shut the fuck up Slow down slow down slow down You see that brick house right there That39s the nigga crib when he come out You gotta tighten his ass up I m a get in the other car aight If there39s beef cock it and dump it

QUIRKY POP RATE The Debuts 17 quotmy mum stans it.quot Page .

A while back I mentioned a song had started the rate in the bottom 10 and ended up making its way to the top 20 that song was Bulletproof which started the rate really low thanks to Phonetics Boy39s 3 the only score negative score it received and without which it would have ended up at 15 but managed to swiftly climb into the top 15 only falling to 17 near the end of the voting period.

2Pac Heartz of Men Lyrics Genius Lyrics

Grab your bulletproof vest nigga . Y39all gotta be careful about who you fuck with And who you don39t fuck with 39cause the shit get wild y39all . Give me that bass line I39m feelin39 bomb Death .

Young Dolph I39m So Real Lyrics Genius Lyrics

I39m So Real Lyrics I39m so real I39m so real / You so fake you so fake / See straight through you see straight through you / You a snake you a snake / If I don39t get paid then I can39t

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I am bulletproof. I could do this all day. I didn39t need your help you know. I do believe I39m on fire. . I don39t need to kill that39s just something I like to do.

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i m bulletproof dont fuck with me